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Only half the LEDs in my XC5 waterblock lighting up when daisey chained


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Hi everyone,


Had my Corsair HydroX setup for months but I had a tear down to exchange CPU, add another rad and some general maintenance.


But on reassemble I cannot for the life of me figure out what's going on with my XC7 waterblock. The two RGB channels on my commander pro are as follows, 1 goes to an RGB hub for 6 fans, the other is my Corsair D5 pump, Corsair 2080Ti waterblock and the XC7.


If I only connect two up, so chaining either the D5 pump and XC7 or the GPU waterblock and XC5 all the leds work. If I chain all 3 only half the LEDs work in the XC7. I swear previously they were all working with the pump and two blocks in the one chain :confused:


Anyone had this issue before and figured it out?


Here is my lighting setup



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