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Corsair One (GTX1080) GPU Upgrade


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First off, let it be known for me, opening up a PC for the first time is like watching a child learn to ride a bike for the first time. I grew up on Mac’s and old Laptops – so anything remotely resembling a PC DIY build is foreign to me. Hence I bought the Corsair One as a pre-build in the first place!


Anyhow, my GTX 1080 decided to start stuttering at high loads, after various diagnostics, undervolting attempts, it’s apparent something was up with the V-Ram.


This market isn’t great to buy a GPU in (we all know) but as my only PC and gaming station I needed my Destiny 2 fix. – So here goes the measurements, teardown and replacement of the CPU water cooled card with a new air-cooled RTX 2080 Super.





Opening up was easy, disconnecting the GPU wiring was fairly self explanatory, one thing I didn’t realise is that the one and only case fan is powered and controlled by the GPU’s AIO, so I had to rush out and get a janky cable adapter/extension to re-power that on.


Like in wood-working, I measured 2-3 times the GPU size and dimensions before consulting the SFF PC GPU size master list to see what met the requirements in length and heigh. I played fairly conservative, but in reality I was limited by what was available here in NZ and what wasn’t going to hamstring my personal finances for a future SFF build, which will be my 1st pc build.


The GPU install was supremely simple infact. I’ve since ordered a 4pin PWM(?) extension cable to directly link the fan to the motherboard in the future, hopefully tidying up the cables in the case improving airflow.

Following a few online guided I also managed an undervolt setup to keep the GPU a little cooler as well as minimise the power draw from the SF400 still in the PC. I’ve a SF750 on the way, however at the moment it’s still running fine with the 400W PSU even after hours of playing Destiny 2.


That’s all really. I still think a 3090 can be added with a custom GPU loop into the existing radiator.


However finding one with the right width is the challenge since the ASUS EKWB block has the 1/4 inch water ports on the side of the gpu effectively widening the size of the card. Only option that would fit would be a FE edition card to then apply the EKWB water block that has the ports at the end of the GPU. The corsair One has enough height in the case and space at the bottom for a mini pump to connect to the existing radiator and new GPU system. Just need to find the unicorn (a FE 3090 GPU at MSRP)


Thanks for reading. Like I say, I’ve never built a PC before, I got the Corsair One because it was prebuilt and had a tidy design aesthetic much like my Macs :P

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Nice job on the upgrade!!!!


I hope you get a lot more mileage out of it. I have a 2017 corsair One also but mine came with the air cooled GTX 1070 so it made it even easier to upgrade.


One thing I can share for your information in case you want to try it:


The liquid pump used on the GPU in your version is actually the same one that was used on my version but for the CPU instead. This includes the bracket. So if you're feeling up to it, you could try and use the liquid pump and radiator of your GTX 1080 on your CPU instead and you can then just plug the case fan back to the pump like before and it should work just fine because the fan reacts to coolant temperature not the actual CPU or GPU temps. So in other words, you would be replacing your current CPU cooler with the GPU cooler. You will just need to check that it closes fine since the hoses for the GPU cooler are longer than the CPU cooler.


Otherwise good job on the upgrade. It's good to see more people upgrading the Corsair One as it is a really good design and really well optimised for airflow.

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Great job upgrading the original 2017 One, I've just upgraded mine to an EVGA 3080 XC3 Ultra with the SF 750 PSU thanks to many of the members here providing insights. But it is extremely nice to see you journal out your upgrade with photos. On top of what EchoSierra said, I've actually just plugged the top case fan to the CPU AIO pump since corsair left that cable unused, and the only modification I did was to install the fan with it rotated 180 so the cable was long enough to be plugged to the case fan. Corsair Link was able to read the fan alright with nothing that needed to be tweaked. I plan on doing some cable management since I used 0 cable ties when I upgraded mine, maybe I'll journal the CPU side so there will be more info on this amazing first gen case for those who are looking to upgrade.
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Posted (edited)

hi, i’m having issues with this process. I’m also upgrading from the 1080ti to the rtx 2060, but for some reason my monitor doesn’t turn on and my gpu doesn’t spin(turn on). Any advice?

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@obinna.obscure If your GPU doesn't turn on on initial start up then It could be it is not getting power and that would be why there is no display on your monitor. How many power connectors does your GPU have? Are you using all?

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