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Icue lights out of order

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I recently upgrades my cooling, but before that my ram RGB was out of order. If i used visor it would always go off moments after hitting any button. so it didn't matter where i click it would light up with the same amount of time. I upgraded the cooling to a iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX, after installing the lights all work but now the H100i and the fans are out of order where they go right after the ram. so my visor effect isn't working because non of the lights go in a single path they split off into 2 path with the same color. so its like what the visor should be. but take the ram and coolers out of the sequence and it have it go off earlier at the same time as the correct way. how do i go about fixing the order?
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The order for fans is determined by their sequence on the Commander Core 1-6. The RAM will be determined by the number of modules, but you cannot determine device order. That is already programmed into the effect. Make sure you are using the “Lighting Link” version of the visor effect so it does one global light wave.
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