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LL fans RGB stuck or wrong colors

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Hi all,


I have been experiencing an issue with RGB on my LL120 fans.

I have 6 of them installed and controlled through ICUE.


A while ago, 2 of them started changing color randomly and became uncontrollable in ICUE. They also get stuck with 1 color and changing it in ICUE doesn't do anything.


This issue then extended to a 3rd one, and now I have up to 6 fans with uncontrollable RGB. I say "up to", because sometimes it's just the 2 from the beginning and sometimes it's all 6.


One of the fans is a brand new one, so I don't think the fans are at fault.

I tried changing the RGB Hub, the Node Pro, and the Commander Pro. Nothing solved the issue so far.


The issue started with the older version of ICUE, and upgrading to ICUE 4 didn't solve it.


All 6 fans are detected by ICUE and I can control the speed on all 6 of them.



I'm attaching a picture showing all 6 fans. I usually use a mix of blue and yellow colors (static).

For this picture, I set everything to white in ICUE.

The 2 fans in the back are stuck in blue and yellow. The 4 others have either some LEDs that are turned off, or are flickering (some LEDs turning on and off).



Now I am running out of ideas. I'm starting to think it could be a software related issue.

Has anyone else experienced this ? I haven't tried changing the cables between the Hub/Node/Commander. Could this be it ?


Thanks for reading and for your help.


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Sorry for the double post, but I didn't find where to modify my original post.


I just read that I didn't need the Node since I have a Commander Pro. I used to connect the Hub to the Node and the Node to the Commander.

Now I connected the Hub directly to the Commander Pro. I also replaced the cable between the Hub and the Commander with a new one.


That didn't change anything to the problem.



It also looks like only the position 1 of my Hub is acting somewhat correctly. I tried connecting the fans one by one in position 1. All 6 fans were controlable when in position 1. The ones in positions 2 to 6 were not responding to the color changes.

I tried the same steps on the second Hub I bought and it is excatly the same.

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Found myself having same issue. 6 LL120 fans. At random times the 6th fan in the controller will not match to other RGB. The 5th fan will work for all but one or two LEDs. Using the controller that comes with the ll120 3 pack. Randomly will start functioning with no change to software or hardware. Not sure if there is an issue if I go to silent mode for fan curve. Not enough power to fans? Again at a loss and don't want to wait too long to file RMA if it really is hardware issue.
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  • Corsair Employees

I also am having this same exact problem, I wish Cosair would have commented. If I cant find a fix will be the last time I buy this brand. Anyone figure out how to solve this?

@jbsc - sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with your LL120 fans.  Based on your feedback that you are experiencing the same issue as the original poster, this could be a possible hardware failure.  I've created a support ticket for you, and someone from our Technical Support staff will be able to assist you from there.

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I wanted to reply to this.


I had this issue on my setup and I had to unplug the commander pro from the motherboard and re plug it back in to correct the LED

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Hello everyone, someone could find the solution to this problem, I have 6 LL120 and today they started with this problem,
 I updated the ICUE software but it does not solve it.
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Hi everyone, I'm having the exact same problem here.

I have 6 fans, 2 LL120 (bottom), 2LL140 (front) and 2 ML120 (top) that came with the Corsair Elite Capellix H100i white version.

Sometimes I notice that one of the bottom fans turn on a couple leds, and I am not able to turn them off, it's strange because all the other leds of this particular "broken" fan are customizable, but the ones that turned on for themselves aren't.

I already change the position at Commander but don't solve the problem, the only thing that solve this is turning off and then turn on the PC itself


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Same problem here, but I just installed.

Got 9 LLs

USB 1 (Mainboard)

Commander Pro Line 1

6 port hub - 3x120 front (1-2-3) - 3x120 side (4-5-6)

Commander Pro Line 2

6 port hub - 1x120 rear (1) - 2x140 top (2-3)


USB 2 (Mainboard)

Corsair ICUE H115i Pro XT


iCUE sees all the fans, but the ones at line 2 are stuck. Number one (rear) is stuck only at the outer ring.

Since it took me an entire day to cable manage this nightmare, tomorrow I'm gonna try:

- Reconnecting USB

- Exchanging hubs

- Try new hubs

- Try new commander

I'll keep you posted.



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On 2/23/2022 at 5:34 PM, Rommers said:

My post above



Chapter 2

- Reinstalled Windows: No changes

- Reinstalled iCUE (On new WIndows): No changes

- Reconnected HUB: No changes

- Reconnected Commander Pro: No changes

- Changed fans from 1 (rear) -2-3 (top) to 1-2 (top) -3 (rear): 1-2 started working.

Conclusion: LL120 single is not working properly. Actually, only the inner ring is on.

Amazon will send me a new one.


1 (rear) -2-3 (top)



1-2 (top) -3 (rear)



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