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ICUE can't find "IronClaw Wireless"

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Hi I just recently reinstalled my Windows 10 and now ICUE can't find my IronClaw Wireless mouse I tred to download the new "ICUE 4" but I have a Scimitar mouse as well which is not supported by it.

Does anyone know how to fix it so my IronClaw can be found?

I can't even use the back and forward buttons on it.

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Try a repair install of CUE from the Windows Settings -> Programs list. Select Corsair iCUE and then modify. This often cleans up weird issues and should be the first thing to try when the side buttons don’t work or spit out weird characters or numbers.


Make sure you don’t take any firmware updates on CUE 4 if you need to stay on CUE 3 for other products.

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If you updated the firmware of your Ironclaw Wireless to the 5.xx firmware in iCUE 4 then you will need to contact our support team at https://help.corsair.com and they will be able to provide you the previous firmware and instructions in order to revert the firmware for the mouse to work with the iCUE 3 software.
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