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K70 RGB TKL CHAMPION SERIES MX Speed Silver PING - Owners please read!

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Hey everyone, so there is a great offer going on in my country including this keyboard and I am tempted to get it since it's much more feature packed than my current HyperX Alloy Origins Core plus I have other Corsair stuff too. The HyperX though is built like a tank, the switches feel great and most important it has ZERO PING (at least not audible one under normal usage). This is especially important to me because I hate ping and is the reason I immediately returned my Huntsman TE in the past. So just before I placed the order I started looking for sound test videos and I came across this (sound test starts at 6:20) [ame=

[/ame]. The one with the red keycaps has MX Silvers and as you can hear it pings like CRAZY compared to the other one with MX Reds which I would probably tolerate.


So I would like to hear from owners if it's the same for them or not, to see if it's random or not. Thanks.

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Hi Sidious_X,


I know this isn't exactly what you're asking, but I have a K70 TKL with RED switches, and do not experience that ping. I'm just putting that single user experience out there for you. I know what you're talking about, and have experienced it on our keebs before, but not this one (but I haven't tried the speed switches.)

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