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RGB Fusion Stealing the Show!

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I use RGP Fusion to run the lighting on my Gigabyte MB. I use iCUE 4xx to run my Corsair lighting effects. Suddenly without warning the RGB Fusion will grab control of the Vengeance RGB Pro RAM and control the RGB. RBG F is not set to launch at startup but that doesn't prevent it from eventually starting up and grabbing control of the memory module anyway. Quitting it does no good and the only way to quit it totally and free up the memory module is to find its residual process running in Task manager and end it. I believe RGB F also comes with MSI boards. Anybody else having this problem?
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You will not be able to run the Gigabyte RGB Fusion at the same time as iCUE if you wish to maintain RGB DRAM control in ICUE, as it will attempt to connect to and control our RGB memory. Same goes for other motherboard software such as Mystic Light/Dragon Center, and Armoury Crate.
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