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Vengeance LPX 2x16GB 2133MHz ver3.40 and ver5.32

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Hello everyone!


One year ago.. i buy Vengeance LPX 2x16GB I 32GB 2133MHz ver 5.32, my motherboard ASUS B150 PRO GAMING/AURA (Last BIOS update 2018 years). XMP enabled.

Everything works when i buy new and add (Six months ago) Vengeance LPX 2x16GB I 32GB 2133MHz ver 3.40

It`s works i think good maybe one months, when not working anymore correct. Blue screen or i turn on my PC and motherboard Red light show memory problem. I remove memory, replace nest. Sometime work again one week. Next time 3 days everyday not working again. I disable XMP - not help., test MEMTEST86, windows mem test everything OK. I install new windows, nothing help.

NOW i remove motherboard memory ver 5.32 and i add only ver 3.40 and now works everything again. I remove 3.40 and add 5.32 motherboard show again red light. I but back ver 3.40 and everything works again over last week. No problem anymore. My question: How it`s possible. Old memory ver 5.32 who works one year not working anymore and my new memory ver 3.40 works good. But i reapeat i doing memtest everythhing OKey. Im not understand why it`s not work both togheter. I spend over 200 eur! Same mamory only ver. different. Long timeago i have motherboard when i used 2x4gb Samsung memory and 2x4gb Kingston memory and never i dont have problem. I cant ? send back this ver 5.32 memory Corsair warranty? What i say them? Memory works but not works togheter, please send me new memory ver 3.40 ? Not anymore ver 5.32. Or someone know how i can works both memory? Thanks!


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Hey ReptalEST,


We do not recommend mixing separate memory kits as it can cause stability issues. Using two kits, regardless of SKU, is considered mixing kits and therefore we cannot guarantee your system to be stable.


We would not be able to exchange either of your kits under warranty as your issue is due to compatibility.

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Thanks for replying! But what am I to blame for? The motherboard has 4 slots. Supports 4 memories. I bought 2x16GB and 2X16GB Corsair memory. The only difference is version no. All use 4 motherboard slots. Nowhere does it say I can't use 4 corsair memory.

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