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Bad write performance on 250GB Force MP510 NVMe

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Like others here I'm experiencing bad write performance on my 240GB Force MP510 system NVMe:




I've already disabled Fast Boot and checked the PCI power management option on my Z490 mobo. The SSD is about 4 months old. I didnt keep any benchmarks but I dont remember the performance being that bad when I first got it. I ran these benchs as I installed a second NVMe that is supposed to be an entry-level DRAMless drive but it ended up trouncing the MP510...


Any suggestions besides an RMA?




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Hi __valerian,


Have you tried performing a secure erase of the drive with our toolbox? I see you are using it as a boot drive currently but would recommend backing up all important data and doing so.


Also, you may use our toolbox to check if the drive is on the latest firmware revision.

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