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Tray icon blurry after switching monitor scaling

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I am using iCue 4.12.214 en a 27" 4K monitor with 125% scaling.


If my monitor go to sleep of if I turn if of then the monitor input will go automatically to my second 2560x1440 monitor with 100% scaling. When I switch back to my primairy monitor the tray icon becomes blurry.


Btw, the icon right to it is Stream Deck. That one also has this same problem. See screenshot in attachment.


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Most applications indeed have this problem. But some don't have this issue like Aida64, NVidia and icons from Windows itself. Therefor it should be theoretically possible to fix it.


I of course cannot judge for Corsair how much work it is or how important it is for you. I just mentioned it as a improvement suggestion for a better user experience for the end user.

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