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Void Elite Surround annoying crackling problem whenever downloaded iCUE

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I just bought the Void Elite Surround headset, the serial code of product: CA-9011206. Whenever i download iCUE software, cracklings starts. I can barely hear it on low video/song volume while my system and headphone is at maximum voice level. I tried eveything about fixing that annoying crackling problem but none of these fixes works for me. How can i fix that? I got it 1 day ago and i got a big disappointment. Any idea about how can i fix that?
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Hi Atkosama,


Sorry to hear you're experiencing crackling. What version of iCUE are you using? Have you checked if your VOID's firmware is up-to-date? If it's already up-to-date, I suggest forcing a firmware update.


I'm using v.4.12.214 version of iCUE, yeah i checked both of them (iCUE and VOID) they all up-to-date. But there is a problem about forcing firmware update. I'm just using my VOID Elite with the jack to usb converter that we get from the box of VOID Elite Surround. And it plugged into motherboard usb entrance, the software says please replug the device but i dont understand what to do? Should i un-plug it and plug it again? If that's what should i do, i did it and it keeps doing same problem.


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