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I recently purchased the Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless SE and the wireless function doesn't work out of the box.

I have ICUE installed, I have the newest version of the drivers, I have uninstalled all drivers, restarted, reinstalled the drivers, am using the dongle that was included in the box and the wireless still doesn't work. :mad:


When I turn on wireless it works fine for ~2 minutes, then starts to crackle for a further minute, then audio cuts out completely. According to my friends, my microphone still picks up my voice fine, so the Bluetooth is working properly.

I owned the older version of the virtuoso previously and the same thing started to happen, I assumed it was just my headset being broken so I bought another one


If I swap to wired mode, the headset works fine, but I bought this headset to be a wireless one and I cannot get it to work, please help.

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  • Corsair Employees

Sounds like this is system specific since you already replaced the headset and experiencing the same issue. Try switching USB ports and plugging the receiver directly to the back of your motherboard. If you have another PC/Laptop, try and see if you experience the same noise issue. I'd also recommend reaching out to our support team for additional troubleshooting:



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