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Corsair 5000D fan hub question

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Hi, i have just purchased the Corsair 5000D Airflow case and was wondering if the built in fan hub will let me control the fans with the iCUE software?.


I just purchased 4x 120mm QL120 fans and the Corsair iCUE H115i ELITE CAPELLIX. Im aiming for a corsair rgb build where i can control the rgb/fan speeds in the iCUE software but i am not 100% sure if i need the corsair commander pro as the case has a fan hub. I will be using 3x QL120's at the front and 1x QL120 at rear.

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You should not need a Commander Pro for this configuration. The Commander Core that comes with the Elite series AIOs has PWM control for 6 fans and 6 RGB ports as well. The PWM repeater hub that comes with the case will connect to 1 PWM port on the Commander and the control signal sent to it will be duplicated for all fans on the small circuit board. This means you will be able to control speed for up to 11 fans and that should cover all of the possible configurations. All of the fans on the repeater will run the same speed, but there is no reason to run separate fan profiles for those banks of 3x120 on the front or side.


For RGB there is one more step. You will have 6 RGB ports on the Commander Core. That will not be enough if using RGB fans for the entire case. You will need to use one o the Lighting Node Core devices from the QL multi-packs or depending which version of the 5000D you've purchased, there may be a Lighting Node Core already in the case. Each controller acts as a separate lighting group, so plan for this when connecting. The lighting effects are local to each controller, not necessarily global to all connected controllers.


If you really only have 4 QL + the 2 ML-Elite from the AIO package, all 6 can go on the Commander Core for speed control. You will then have a decision to make about lighting. The QL (double sided 34 LEDs) and ML-Elite (8 center mounted LEDs) are quite different in LED geometry and consequently what effects are possible. The Commander Core will "equalize" this by making them all act as QL fans. This will make ring effects (something the ML-E does not have) appear strange, however I think this is better than running a separate controller for just 2 ML-E fans. Also, you have the option of applying an effect to only select fans. You can do Heartbeat or Pong for just the QL by applying the effect only to them, while using a different effect for the ML-E on top. Depending on case height, the ML-E may not be overly visible and basic 'downlighting' effects may be preferable anyway.

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I do plan on replacing the fans on the AIO in the future with 2x QL140's. I might get the commander pro also to make things simpler for when and if i add more fans in the future. I was on a tight budget and because i love the 5000D airflow and the QL fans so much they was the 1st thing i orderd befor the main parts of my build. Thanks alot for clearing stuff up it helps alot. This will be my first rgb build and cant wait to see the rgb and appreciate corsair's QL's and 5000D.
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