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Hardware Profile switching on K70 TKL

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Yea I got that but that's not what I mean.

What I ment is, that when I am in "software mode" (while iCUE is running) I can add a profile switching option to a button (see first picture). That way I basically have an FN-layer to be customized to my likings.



If you take a look at my second picture, you see, that there is no profile switching option available? I just want to press a button to quickly access another profile (in this case a custom FN-layer to input all kinds of macros).




I think that is a bit more clear to what I ment with my first post



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That option is not available in the Hardware Actions as that is the use of the physical Profile Switch Button on the keyboard. That action in the software distinguishes individual software profiles and allows you to easily switch to specific profiles when iCUE is running instead of cycling through them one by one. That is not a feature you will be able to utilize for hardware actions/profiles.
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This is such a wasted opportunity, especially when basically every other keyboard has an FN-layer.

Where can I submit feedback? Maybe the devs can implement this feature if it is not too much of a hassle

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