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I have a product idea


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As you can tell from the title I have a product idea but i don't know where to bring that idea up. I think it might fit in this Forum?


So I am an little Gamer boy and love the Corsair products.

I used my Glaive Pro for a long time and it was/is the best Mice I had so far.

But i really need a wireless mouse. So I tried to replace her with the Ironclaw Wireless and it was fine but I have small hands so it was not the best mice for me. Because it is a tall mice so the grip was weird for my hands.

Then I tried the Dark Core RGB Pro SE and it was fine again. But again, I have small hands and it is a large mice and on top of that, I don't know if it's just me but the buttons felt a bit harder to click than the Glaive and Ironclaw and i really need to click fast. My hand started to cramp because if the size so I stopped using it. But I love the Qi Charging and the USB... I don' know how to call it. The transport slot at the side and it looks like the Glaive could have that as well (because you can switch the side of that mouse as well).

PLUS! The Dark Core has a nice surface. It feels like a golf ball and really seems to stay clean unlike the rubber from Glaive/Ironclaw which will get dirty especially if it's summer and your hands are a bit sweaty.


So TL:DR I would love to see a Glaive Pro Wireless.

And if I could choose, I would love to have it with Qi Charging and the USB slot at the side.

Personally I would love to see that kind of mice and I hope it wouldn't just be a niche product.


And I hope I found the right place to write all of that down.

If it's not the right place I hope you can tell me where to put it.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi NewInt,


This is definitely a great place to send suggestions. I will go ahead and send these along to the appropriate team, and we appreciate you sharing your product ideas with us.


Please let us know if you have any other great ideas, and thank you for choosing Corsair!

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