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Help with lighting customization on iCUE V4

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I've been trying hard to fix this on my own, since i've been using iCUE for the last 4-5 years and created tons of profiles in that time lapse, but since i could not find anything on my own, i decided to turn to the community.

So, this is the deal. In previous versions of iCUE, when creating the lighting of a profile, i was able to choose the angle of certain lighting effects that i programmed. Not only the angle, but also the speed and stuff like that.

Yesterday, i downloaded iCUE V4 and tried to do the same thing, but i wasn't able to find a single place where i could configure the angle in which i wanted the lights to turn on.

Is it me or there are a lot less lighting customization options? At least as far as my LL120 go.

Do you guys know what is it that i'm doing wrong? Or should i just downgrade to V3?

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