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Problem with H150i Cappelix + Lighting Node Core (Fan revving)

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here's a quick summary of how I connected things:


ASUS Crosshair VIII Dark Hero is the board in use.

I have the Commander Core as a PWM Hub for 6 of my fans (3 ML from the H150i and 3 QL for case fans), I only connected 3 RGB headers to the Commander Core (the ML fans from the H150i) and 3 RGB headers to the Lightning Node Core.


Both of the "Hubs" are directly connected to the Motherboard via USB 2.0 internal connections and both use a seperate SATA power connection.


Sometimes, randomly at different intervals one (or all of the ML fans) are revving up for a split second (seems like maximum speed) and then go back to normal. It almost sounds like they are losing connection for a split second. The RGB stays on at all times, also it doesnt look like the QL fans are affected by this.


Strangely enough I can't see these spikes in the software, they just report a constant 900-1000RPM and it never spikes to maximum.


Is this problem related to the AMD USB problem too? I am using the lates Beta BIOS for my board which was supposed to fix this issue.



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