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ICUE 4 completely incomprehensible

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I am going to try to reserve my anger in case I am missing something obvious.

As far as I can tell, ICUE has updated to a completely new way of doing things that doesn't make sense to me.


A month ago I got a new pc and I newly installed ICUE on it. Everything was the same as it had always been. I then factory reset my old laptop and have only just now gotten around to setting it back up. I just got done installing ICUE and it looks and acts completely different.

It is ICUE 4. Is this really the latest build? Because first of all it looks weirdly out of date. That wouldn't matter to me much if, as far as I can tell, the entire way of doing things hadn't been completely changed. All I want to do is remap some keys and I can't figure out how.

Look, this is not how I want to spend my day. I do no have time to completely relearn this software. It feels like every time I get the hang of it, it gets changed. Am I missing something? did I accidentally download some ancient built where nothing was intuitive, refined, or easy? because that's how it feels.

And if I am right, if you guys really did make these massive changes, I am pissed. These are expensive keyboards. Part of the selling point is the software. SO STOP DOING THIS. Don't make these dramatic changes to something that worked fine, and force people to relearn everything. I'd like to spend my freetime playing games, not figuring out how to get my keyboard to function like it was functioning before with software that doesn't make any sense. I get you have to learn a piece of software and take time to do so, but it should be one and done. You should not be making such big changes that the learning has to be repeated.


I am feeling so frustrated right now. I was already frustrated and wanted to unwind with a video game, only to tumble into this new hell.

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If you have updated from CUE 3 to CUE 4, all of your keyboard/mouse binds should have remained. CUE 4 can import CUE 3 saved profiles. In CUE 4, the remap key function goes by the name key assignments. It effectively works the same way. Hit + to create new keybind. Select the type of you want. Select the key to assign it to. If you are trying to create a complex macro, you may have to be more specific about what you are trying to do.
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