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New LL120 Fan RGB works, but fan wont spin

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Hi all!


i have recently purchased a LL120 fan. i have three others already installed, and a h100i elite cappelix. everything is connected via the Commander Core, bringing the total number of connections to the Commander Core to 12. (6 for RGB Hub, 6 for power).


all fans, including the h100i fans, work in all pin slots on the Commander Core, except for this ll120 i just bought. the rgb works, but iCUE wont detect the fan, and so the fan wont physically spin.


i have tried plugging it in straight to my mobo's chassis fan plugs 2 and 3, but all produce the same result. i have also tried moving the non-working fans pins around to different slots on the commander core, but every "solution" i have found has produced the same outcome.


anybody else have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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The Commander Core uses an auto-detect feature for its PWM ports. If it misses on start up it can shut off the port. Shutdown and then power on if this happens.


However, if the fan does not work from the motherboard either that is more concerning. MB headers don’t work in that way. There is probably some defect in the PWM line for 12v power. Contact Corsair Support or exchange it with the vendor.

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If other fans work in the slot the LL120 fails to work in, and the fan doesn't spin connected to the motherboard this points 100% to a defective fan. Since you just bought it you can return it for a replacement from Microcenter. If for some reason you can not, or would prefer to go through us please reach out to our support staff by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com
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