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Back side of ML series fans are really bugging me

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WIN_20210613_00_44_00_Pro.jpgokay so i got the h115i and i have to mount it in such a way that the back of the fans are facing into the case (intakes like they should.) however i have quickly found out that the LED's on the side that make the fan glow are very annoying, anyone have a remedy for this? Edited by NessquickBuilds
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Not a good one. I used to run into this on my 740 case with top and bottom radiators. With the ML as pull intake, the glare off the unshielded LED hub was very irritating. I ended up completely flipping the case around to do too bottom exhaust so I could turn them around. This is an inherent design characteristic of the ML and not a defect.


Less extreme than a remodel or changing fans would be to try a piece of electrical tape on the support vane to act as a shield. Usually it’s just one of the four LEDs that glares at you. Not exactly an elegant solution, but might pose momentary relief while you decide what to do.


Obviously turning the case is another, but I assume it is positioned this way for a reason.

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