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Fans not spinning

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i just bought a icue 4000x cabinet, and finished wireing everything up, startet the pc and evereything seemed fine untill i noticed two of the front fans were not spinning but RGB lights up, rgb are wired to the rgb node in the back and the fans wired directly to motherboard, i tried every fan port on motherboard with every fan but it is only one of them who works in every spot and the the others doen spin no mather what
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I would contact Corsair Support. This does not seem like an instance where you want to swap the whole case with the vendor.


It seems odd there are two defects (usually in the power wire), but since most motherboards do not have a zero fan mode, it should spin up. However, do make sure the header is set to PWM mode (12v all the time). Most MB headers are auto-detect and will switch to DC or PWM for you. I would expect that from any Asus MB regardless of price tier, but you never know.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hey there, Find a fan that works and where you have it connected to the motherboard, and swap all the fans on that single port. Do all the fans work then? If so this is a motherboard issue, and likely just means you need to change the Fan curve of your ports.


If we still have a few fans that do not work, please reach out to our support staff by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com

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