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Hi all I'm literally going crazy. I have 6 sp140 pro fans that all worked when plugged into the lighting node on its own. I have just added a commander pro with the lighting node and no matter what I do or swap around I can not get more than 3 fans to light up. All fans work up to plug 3 and nothing else onwards what the hell is going on?
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Make sure you have programmed the Lighting Set-up to SP-Pro/Elite x 6 (CUE 3) or "8 LED fan" x 6 in CUE 4. The SP-Pro are 8 LEDs, like the SP-elite and ML-elite. The "SP-RGB" is a much older 4 LED fan. Selecting SP-RGB x 6 will only generate 24 LEDs or cover exactly half of your 48 LEDs.
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Then you may be looking at either a fan problem or a lighting hub problem.


Start with the fans. #3 seems to be the critical point. Swap it with the RGB connector in port 6. If #3 is bad, then 1-5 should now work while 6 is partial. You also can do this in reverse by moving #3 to the lead position in slot #1. That will knock out all the other fans. Where it can be tricky is sometimes LED #1 on the next fan is the problem and it gives the appearance of a clean break after fan 3. If there is no change when moving fan 3 around, try the same with fan 4.


If all of that comes up empty, it is probably the hub. If changing the fan order around always produces the exact same pattern (1-3 on, 4-6 off) the break in the circuit may be in the #4 port. You will need a replacement hub. Contact Corsair Support or swap in an extra if you have one.

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