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XG7 Waterblock Causing 3080 Ti Board Flex

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This is the 3080 FE waterblock attached to a 3080 Ti FE (apparently they are compatible)

As you can see from the image the corner screw is causing the board to flex and the part of the board to not make contact with the cooler.

I did take it apart to see if it was just a misalignment but the screw 'socket' is too wide to fit through the gap on the board and so pushes it up a few mm.

My temps are okay, I just wanted to raise this as a potential compatibility issue.

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Umm, I've seen rumors about the PCB being "the same" but other than the same funky triangle cutout shape I haven't seem any reliable reliable report that everything is identical enough that water blocks are interchangeable. The Gamer's Nexus guy took off the heatsink and noted a couple of minor differences or am I remembering that wrong? Anyway You might want to do some more research on the water block compatibility.
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3080 Founders Edition and 3080 Ti Founders Edition have identical PCB boards. There are some differences with components, +2 GDDR6X MEM ICs, additional VRM phases, and supporting components but none of them are problematic for the 3080 FE GPU water block.


Screw socket or standoff is not supposed to go through the PCB hole. Are you using any additional thermal pads except the thermal pads that are pre-installed on the GPU water block? In your image, the white pad under the backplate looks like the original one.

I would suggest contacting our technical support for further assistance.

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