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SP120 fans not lighting up

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I have a commander pro, commander core with 3 x SP120 RGB fans and the H100i cooler. I used to use the SP controller and recently wanted switch to the commander pro/controller.


My ML120 fans are connected to the Commander Core which is connected to the Commander Core. The Commander Core has the LED light strips (4 chained together) and the three SP120 fans connected to there for power. In the second LED slot is the LED HUB where the RGB cable for the three SP120 fans are connected.


My SP120 fans power up but the RGB doesn’t come on. Only one fan lights up a light white / blueish colour. Before when I just had the SP/HD fan hub plugged into the LED HUB it worked and I could control it from the buttons included in the case.


I’m not sure what I have set up wrong. ICUE detects the cooler and commander pro fine. I can adjust the light strips and the ML120 fans but the three SP120 fans continue to elude me.

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You have a lot of hardware names in here, but I am not sure they are all accurate. A Commander Core cannot control LED strips, but a Commander Pro can. You can refer to this post that has a lot of description and pictures to help identify products. I am assuming you have a H100i Elite (not H100i) and this is where the Commander Core comes in. That also means you have at least 2 ML-Elite 8 LED fans and not some ML 4 LED fans.


Zotty's RGB Eco-System Guide


No matter what, make sure the SP-RGB are on their own RGB hub or channel. You cannot combine the SP-RGB (4 LED) with other fans on the Commander Core. Since you need the radiators fans (ML Elite) on the Commander Core for speed control, you probably put the SP-RGB 3 pin DC fans on the Commander Pro for both speed control and RGB control.

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Hey there, the SP120 are a different generation as the ML fans that come with the Capellix Elite. You won't be able to control them on the Commander Core. You can connect them to their RGB Hub, then have that RGB Hub connected to a Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro, but a Commander Core isn't going to control them properly with ML fans attached.
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