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Sabre RGB PRO getting random issues

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The Sabre RGB PRO, gets randomly an exclamation mark @ iCue, mouse DPI/RGB lights will default to whatever as they are not following the setup from iCue, also can't be controlled from iCue, only way to get it right is to disconnect the mouse and connect it again (really?),


Things I did so far,


I uninstalled Corsair composite virtual input device, drivers, issue still randomly present

I uninstalled the above + iCue, reinstalled and issue still randomly present

I reinstalled Windows, issue still randomly present (not for this but happen that I was installing a new system)

I disabled USB power on sleep states/shutoff, issue still randomly present

Device is connected to a USB2.0, but same behavior on USB3.0, issue still randomly present

I hardware reset the mouse following instructions, issue still randomly present


I have almost every day to unplug and plug mouse back in, before this one, I had a razer deathadder and never had this type of issues, but I decided to move to the corsair ecosystem with a k100, a headset, a HXi PSU, aCommanderPro, and some corsair RGB lights,


Another issue is some wiggle on the left button (again my 3 year old razer dosn't do this)


I contacted support 2 days ago but no answer, so it's a bit disapointing that we need to chase down support, in a couple of days, my next stop will be twitter, to see if I can get an answer,


And if you are still reading thanks, and oh my, sorry for all the venting,




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Just to follow up on the issue, I haven't had any issues after iCue update to version 4.12.214 (just 2 days in), I'll be back to report if I have any other problems,


Also after windows updates mouse is still working as intended,


Also the k100 wheel going dark seems to be resolved,


Only problem was with iCue, as it was crashing when clicking on settings icon, I did the the update from within the app, so I uninstalled iCue, clean registry, appdata and corsair drivers, reinstalled, and so far seems to be very stable (fingers crossed).

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