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QL 120 RGB - included Lighting Node Core single port working

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I've recently purchased a triple pack of the QL120RGB case fans. Install was smooth, and i was able to follow the included guide and viewed install videos prior to ensure i was connecting everything correctly. I have the fans installed, the headers connected to the case fan headers, and the RGB lines going into the included Lighting Node Core as instructed (Ports 1,2 &3). When i turn my machine on, the fans spin up just fine. However - i encounter an issue where only the fan plugged into the #1 port on the Lighting Node Core lights up. If i switch the RGB Headers around, i consistently see the fan plugged into the #1 core lighting up while the others remain dark. The other odd behavior of note is that the single fan that DOES light up defaults to white light, and a single yellow LED blinks rapidly (Think an all white fan with a single spot blinking yellow very rapidly).


I tried the following troubleshooting steps:

-I checked the USB2.0 header into the motherboard to ensure it was seated properly, and switched it with the other 2.0 header to make sure it wasn't the port. That didn't resolve the issue.

-I checked the Icue software - the Lighting Node core was recognized, and i have the ability to mess with the settings as expected so i don't believe it's not RECOGNIZING the LNC (however none of the changes i made while following tutorials seemed to change the single lit fan away from white & 1 yellow LED).

-Lastly - I did an uninstall/fresh install of Icue to see if that resolved the RGB issues (remember, the fans themselves spin up and react to fan curves just fine). This did not resolve the issue.



Being completely out of ideas, I RMA'd the set of 3 fans back to the seller (Newegg) and had a replacement sent to me. much to my dismay - the replacement package of 3 fans+Lighting node core is exhibiting the EXACT same behavior. The #1 port on the lighting node core remains the only port to turn on lights, and those lights are all white with 1 yellow pixel. i feel exhausted as i can't seem to narrow down the issue to hardware, software or MOBO.


i've attached images of the Item#/upc from the box. and 2 pictures of the fans in their 'on' state (one fan is white with a blinking yellow light)


please help???




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This could be a few things, such as a conflict with another program, or setup error.


Make sure you have the Lighting Setup for the Lighting Node Core set to QL Series, and to a number of 3.


Follow these two guides as well.





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I did get a chance to go through both guides and execute all steps. In addition, i uninstalled any other lighting related programs (Armoury Crate, Asus Aura) from the machine to reduce chance of conflicts. Unfortunately after uninstalling competing programs and running the clean install using the guides i'm still very much in the same boat.


Whichever fan is plugged into the first RGB port will light up white (with scattered colored LEDs) but be otherwise nonresponsive to Icue v4.


I've attached a picture of the affected fans as of this update. Are there known issues with the Lighting Node Core that could be affecting the 2 units i've had the same behavior with?


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https://ibb.co/QDbD3PcQDbD3PcI have the same thing going on

Using two commander pro's 10 fans 6QL 120's 4 QL 140's

using two commander Node Core's

1st core usb to usb on commander pro 1 and 6 ql 120's rgb works fine

the 2nd I can't get no other color than white and has the 4 QL 140's on Them

no mater were I plug the usb in

I can swap the 140's to the 1st core and they do work just cant get the second one going


any thoughts here would be nice.... Spent a lot of $$ on this setup would like to get it to work

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