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Virtuoso XT and PS5

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Hey guys, so I bought me a Virtuoso XT headset and so far I like it. But I just can't figure out for the life of me how to get it to work with wireless on my PS5.

I plugged the dongle into my PS5 (tried front and the back) and set the headset to wireless mode, but the PS5 recognizes the dongle as a keyboard (?). The dongle glows white and the headset also glows blue/white while the LED at the bottom blinks green, I also hear the pairing sound on my headset so I guess it is connected, but just doesn't show on the PS5.


The wireless mode works perfectly fine on my PC btw, and the only way so far to get the headset working on my PS5 is to plug it into the headphone jack on the PS5 Controller.


Is there something obvious I'm missing here? In the audio settings on the PS5 it also just shows my TV as output and not my headset


Hopefully someone can help clarify things, thanks

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Hi Marsiko,


Is your VIRTUOSO XT's dongle set to PlayStation mode? You can check by opening iCUE, selecting your VIRTUOSO XT WIRELESS RECEIVER, which should open to the "Connections" tab by default. You'll see two different modes - PlayStation and Multipoint.

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