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Link Commander Mini Has Stopped Seeing CPU and core temps

Captain Peacock

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I've got a bit of a head scratcher here:


Ever since I was forced to upgrade my Windows 10 PC to 20H2 from 1909 six weeks ago, Corsair Link v4.2.2.7 has stopped showing any CPU temperature information.


It still shows GPU, HX1000i and the various fans and temperature sensors info and still seems to be controlling these fans OK, but all CPU info has disappeared and any fans that use the CPU group for speed control (e.g, the two fans on my Noctua CPU cooler) are running permanently at default speeds.


This is particularly annoying as I use the LED strips to give an external visual indication of CPU temperature e.g. going from green at 25C through to red at 50C.


Not sure if this is relevant, but in the System Event Log, at bootup there is an error 7000 with the following text:


The cpuz139 service failed to start due to the following error:

This driver has been blocked from loading.


Some Googling has revealed that the Link Commander Mini seems to use this driver for USB communication with the motherboard and that the driver appears to be incompatible with Windows 10 2004 and higher as it causes BSODs. Which is why I've not yet been brave enough to try uninstalling/reinstalling a newer version of Corsair Link 4. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, how did they fix it?


Interestingly, the BIOS reports the CPU temp. info just fine, so I'm not certain it's a hardware failure with the motherboard.


I've never had any problems with the Link Commander Mini or Link 4 software in the five years I've used the PC on Windows 10.


Motherboard: Asus Z170K with Intel Core i7 6700, 16gB Corsair Vengeance LPX, HX1000i PSU and EVGA GTX970 GPU.


Also, would it be better to upgrade to a Link Commander Pro and use the latest ICue software? Are there any gotchas in the new software with Windows 10 20H2?


And are the case fans (Corsair Graphite 760T and Noctua 140mm CPU cooler fans), temp sensors and RGB LED strips that came with the Link Commander Mini all compatible with the Commander Pro?



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First, Link is out of support so it's not likely to going to be updated to fix this issue.


Second - and this is even worse news, I'm afraid - iCUE doesn't support the Commander Mini at all, not even in version 3.


So ... yes, it would be better to get a Commander Pro and use the latest version of iCUE. That will get you back into supported products. The strips that came with the Commander Mini are not compatible with the Commander Pro. The CoMini uses 12V analog RGB and the CoPro is 5v Digital.

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Thanks for thie info which has confirmed what I suspected may be the only answer. I think I need to give this some more thought as to whether I can live with the issue. Bitter past experience as a PC & network engineer is niggling away at me by saying "better the devil you know..."


Shame about the LED strips tho'. Do the new ones have finer colour control e.g. more shades of colours?

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