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Corsair virtuoso wireless SE wireless mode broken

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Hello all,


I have had my headset for months and a few weeks ago it started having an issue that I have seen a few other posts about where the wireless dongle stops connecting to the headset and iCUE just displays a red triangle in the corner. since then I have contacted support and have gotten firmware to a force update which didn't work and just today a replacement dongle just arrived. The issue is that the new dongle still isn't working.


This suggests that I have either gotten very unlucky and got a DOA dongle or there is a more widespread issue with iCUE or windows or something.


This inspired me to try the dongle and headset in two other computers that I have in my house. The first is a desktop that is probably a few updates behind my laptop. this didn't work so I tried it on the second computer I had lying around which is my old laptop that I replaced last year. I reinstalled windows on this laptop and even with a fresh install of windows and the latest version of iCUE the issue still pops up with both the new and old dongle.


So basically in summary I am incredibly confused. The issue must have something to do with iCUE since that is the only consistent variable I can think of but stranger yet is that I have tried the newest version of iCUE(v4.11.274), the version linked on the headset's product page(v3.38.61), and a random old version that I found(v3.30.89).


This all puzzles me because I have updated everything I can think of to the latest versions available as well and reverted everything to a version prior to the issue. I would have expected one or the other to work at the very least if it is a software issue.


So now I have ruled out both software and hardware issues. I hope you all see the problem there. I am still in contact with support but I was hoping that maybe one of you might have some wise words of wisdom that I have missed thus far.


I will attach my logs if any of yall want to take a look but I couldn't make anything useful from them except for that the PID for the dongle in the update json file(PID: 0A3E) and the one listed in the logs(PID: 0A46) don't appear to match.


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Hi DiamondShark 28,


Have you already paired your new dongle to your headset via iCUE? Also, we've recently released iCUE 4.12.214 - I suggest updating to it and seeing if the issue still persists.


I am unable to pair the dongle because it is not fully recognized by iCUE. The issue is the same as described by this post here: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=199540. Both the new and old dongles are exhibiting this issue. The dongle is completely unusable and the only option I have for it on iCUE is device settings and in the window that opens all I see is "Firmware: v. ?". I have updated to the latest iCUE version and I still have the same issue.

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