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Ironclaw - iCue keeps thinking mouse is disconnected

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iCue Version 4.11.274

Ironclaw RGB Wireless - Whatever the latest version is

Ironclaw RGB Wireless Dongle - 5.0.84


I think I was pushed the 4.11 update a few weeks ago. Ever since then, from time to time(I think after I wake the mouse up from power saving mode), I get this red circle (power) icon on top of the mouse in the dashboard.


When that happens, my mouse turns into a "dumb" mouse. Neither SW profiles nor the hardware ones are working. Basically just left, right and middle buttons and browser forward and backward buttons. Nothing else.


When this happens, sometimes turning the mouse off and on again solves it. Sometimes it doesn't.


Sometimes removing the dongle and re-inserting it works, sometimes it doesn't.


I tried the "restart icue service" thing too, doesn't look like it's doing anything.


I think I'll just find a version of iCue from last year and use that. But if anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.

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