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Need Help for changing CPU with Corsair H150i PRO XT

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Hi Guys!


I have a i7 9700K on my MB colled with watercooling all-in-one Corsair H150i PRO XT.

I have found (almost for free) an i9 9900K and I want to replace my all CPU by this one.

What do I do with the cooling system... A thermic Patch wad pre-installed on the copper-plate to plug ont the CPU, but it will be destroy when i will remove the cooler from the CPU t change the CPU.


So beacause I am anewbie, can you please answer these questions:


1- When I will remove the cooler and change the CPU, how do I clean the copper plate of the cooler and the CPU: with Ethanol, isopropanol, nothing just a piece of clean and soft tissue ?


2- What reference of thermic patch do I have to put . does Corsair sell thermic patch at the good size ?


Thanks a lot for your help


take care guys !

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isopropanol works great for removing thermal paste.

Corsair doesn't sell patches :) it's thermal paste that comes preapplied in a square pattern. but you can apply your own paste.


Corsair does sell thermal paste, but you can use just about any paste you want.. KPX, thermal grizzly, arctic silver etc etc..


Here's for the Corsair one, with a video explaining


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