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Any ideas on how to implement iCUE with Unity?


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Hi there.

I have received a request to integrate iCUE in my game, The Captain is Dead.

Is there a specific SDK for Unity?

If not, has anyone been able to integrate the existing SDK with Unity, and if so, how?



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So Dan I dont work for them (don't work for Corsair), but there are two ways, either using the regular SDK - trying to connect to iCUE's SDK, then just setting the available lights to a color as needed, or spelling out specific profiles and packaging them.


In the latter example, unless and until your game's .cueprofiles were packaged with the installer, you would have to tell your users how to install them, or perhaps your installer may with elevation be able to install them. As I think about it certainly your users installer may already request elevation and that should cascade so you have access to the following directory:




You would make a subdirectory perhaps called "The Captain is Dead"


It is important that you note the priorities.cfg and the names of each profile. The profiles can be created in iCUE can be exported to the necessary file name but I think you need to edit their <Name> in the cueprofile, but that's pretty easy to do for the various states and events.


2 projects, most recently open icue service by Legion2 has provided access to the gameSDK for regular users, but essentially I assume the triple-A titles just use the DLL methods.


Legion2 has a very nice wrapper, and in brief, the nitty-gritty of the interop with iCUE (as far as I understand it) is explained in the code here:




My personal suggestion if you want to add this to your game, would be to contact corsair first and see what they suggest, I suspect they have a lot of developers reaching out from time to time.

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