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Corsair Void Pro Wireless can't play EAC5.1 or AC5.1

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I'm running the most current version of Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit


My firmware is update to v0.15.


I get audio no problem through my headset. When playing games, watching youtube, etc... no issues. But the moment I try to watch anything through plex that isn't stereo, I get no sound through my headset. I can get audio out of my monitor (yuck) or my desk speakers (which are also just stereo, but not through my headset, unless I force transcode the file in which it's no longer E/AC5.1.


If I go to the video directly and try to play it through WMP or VLC, still no audio in the headset. It just makes this weird initial click sound, and nothing to follow.


I've uninstalled via device manager, ran icue installer/repair to reinstall the drivers, I've force updated the firmware. No clue what to do.


How do I get my Void Pro Wireless to play EAC and AC 5.1 audio streams?

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Seems, according to Google[1], that meller and me are not the only ones who were stumped by the issue. If you are using VLC, then change the Audio settings under Stereo Mode from Headphones to Stereo.

Then VLC will use only the two stereo channels of the surround sound audio codec e.g from Dolby E-AC-3, or older AC5.1. Also sometimes simply described as Dolby Atmos, or DDP5.1




[1] corsair void pro eac problems, corsair void pro audio codec X problems

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