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iCue Not Responding when switching profiles or clicking the iCue window

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Title says it all.

Between some apps, I can see the profile switch almost instantly, other times, it takes more than 60 seconds. When switching between a game and a Chrome tab on another monitor, this is very annoying. Or when switching apps (profiles), and iCue disables my microphone when logging into Discord voice chats, I'm unable to re-enable the microphone until it's responsive which can be multiple minutes at times. It's now become a laughing stock between my circle of friends, because they know my rig should be able to handle anything iCue throws at it, but atlas here we are.


I used to think this issue stemmed from having Chrome as a linked program to a profile, because I usually see this issue happen when switching to/from chrome. So I deleted my profile that was linked to Chrome, no success.



I'm using around 70 profiles, most of which are linked to apps (games, primarily), across many mount points, local, network, disconnected, ext. I saw a post saying a disconnected network drive could be causing some issues. So I removed all my disconnected network drives, no success. I believe there are some lingering profiles linked to disconnected network locations. Would modifying those profiles help? Thoughts here? (ie the "linkedProgramPath" in the profile xml)


When I start up iCue, it takes 5-10 minutes for the window to pop up. Once it does pop up, when I click it, it immediately goes into a "Not Responding" status for a minute or two before responding. This happens whenever I click on the window, not only when starting it.



Also, please don't suggest a simple reinstall. I've had this issue before and after a complete system upgrade, with a newly formatted drive, and fresh install of windows, and the issue persists.


iCue software version 3.37.140. I just saw there was an update to 4.x, so I'm trying that now....

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