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1000d Build Questions


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I have a new 1000d build, with the built in Commander Pro plus one more.


I have a few basic questions I have tried to fix myself but have some issues


Current setup - 6 LL140 into built in Commander Pro. RGB hub into lighting channel 1 (works fine, recognized int he software) - ICUE sees this as “1000d”



1: Where do i plug the chassis RBG into? I previously plugged it into lighting channel 2 on the included Commander Pro but what should I set it up as? (there doesn’t appear to be an option for Chassis lighting like there was for LL Series RGB hub for the 6 LL140).


I plugged it in prior and the chassis lighting powered up but I can’t see how to control it in ICUE.


2: “Asus Motherboard” shows up in ICUE but I can’t seem to do anything with it (it says it is controlled in “Scenes” like the second commander pro)


3: I have various EKWB RGBs connected via the addressable (4 pin?) RGB header on the motherboard - 2 waterblocks, distro plate, 2 flow sensors) - how do I control their lighting - can i do it in ICUE or do I need to do it some other way - Asus Aura?


Actually nevermind i got that now




Thanks in advance

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