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Problems with ICUE

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Hi, currently I have a commanderpro with two lightning node cores hooked up. One of them has all 6 rgb ports filled up and works fine, the other one only has 4, and it wont light port number 4 up at all and port number 3 seems to only light the fan half way so some of the LEDs are still off. It worked perfectly earlier today. Does anyone know how to fix this? Could it be a thirdparty program that is the problem? I have one from MSI for my GPU and one from Asus for my mobo but I dont know if thats the problem.


Thanks in advance!

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The data for LEDs in Corsair fans is all wired in series. If a fan has a break in the LED data chain, no LEDs past the break will work. It sounds like the fan in Lighting Node Core #2 port 3 has a break in the data line. Try swapping that fan with the one plugged into port 4. If the fan that was in port 4 works in port 3 while the fan that was in port 3 but is now in port 4 only has half of the LEDs lit, then it is likely that fan is damaged. Swapping fan port assignments around will tell you if it is the fan or something else. Most likely it is that fan.


Good Luck@

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