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The mouse goes into sleep mode after a certain period of time. Macro keys don’t work. When I get to mouse’s interface sw, the mouse appears to be turned off but it works like a charm. When the mouse is connected to wireless dongle and try to charge it, the cursor disappears and doesn’t move. Also scroll button is not working properly.
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plug the usb cable in and repair the mouse as this is what mine is doing and you will get the buttons back but it will go again as started doing this with the latest icue update.


also remove the dongle and put it back in as mine has not gone again yet after doing this.

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Is there a solution, I couldn't find a solution in the link


As I said on my last message (here and on the indicated topic), the only solution that have worked for me is keep the mouse without any color layer.


But no, if your problem is the same of the topic, then there is no official solution at this time.

A Corsair representative indicated to open a ticket but being a firmware problem, probably the problem will not be fixed if you get a new mouse and update it again.

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