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Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite Firmware

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i have created a ticket requesting for a firmware for this. ticket number 2004360103. its already been 6 days and nobody is still sending me the dang thing.


I'm tried using the scimitar RGB Pro firmware, but it still double clicks...


for those who are using a Scimitar Elite mouse, can you help a mate and share your firmware?



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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Tony,


Apologies, as the support team is experiencing higher than anticipated ticket volume at this time.


I am expediting your request and having someone look into it immediately, however. Thank you for your patience.

Edited by Corsair Blade
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its actually kinda weird...when i asked my fiancée to use the mouse the entire day, she said that it does not double clicks when plugged in her laptop (no icue installed there). but when i tried it on my PC (i did a clean uninstall of icue), i double-clicks once or twice after clicking it a hundred times on a double click tester website.
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