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[ Corsair Void RGB Wireless ] Battery indicator problem.

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Hey there!


I've purchased my headphones a week ago, and I started getting a weird problem with the battery indicator after I tried to fix the static that you get with the headphones (was a driver issue), but now every like 10mins I get a beep, telling me that my headphones are low on battery, however they're at 80% (or more), and on the third beep, they turn off themselvs.


Anyone else had this problem? If so, please let me know how I can fix it.


Thank you for taking your time!

Have a great rest of your day/night!

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Many similar issues on our Void Pro headset can be solved by doing a simple Soft-Reset. This will disconnect the battery from the void, and then reconnect it. All you would need to do is:

1.Make sure your void is unplugged and off.

2.Hold the Mute button on the void headset down for about 15 seconds

3.After holding the Mute button, hold the Power button until the Void turns on.

Then try testing the headset. If it is still having issues, please contact us again for further troubleshooting.

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