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Nice & Friendly Question for iCue Devs

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Something nice and friendly*...


Why? Just why is this software so terrible?

It's 2021 and more and more and more and more people will, as a matter of near certainty, continue to use multi-monitor displays w/ screens @ different resolutions. I say that because it's my understanding that usage scenario is the one which "breaks" the iCue software.


The only reason I use the bloated, archaic utility in the first place is TO CHANGE THE ARBITRARY RGB LED'S ON MY MOUSE, KEYBOARD, & RAM ), that's it. YET, this program crashes, resource hogs, features break; and how are there users from a decade ago with threads describing the the same exact bug: iCue opens in a locked, oversized window, with half its menus inaccessible, pushed beyond the borders of the screen into the void.


Yes, I have tried forcing iCue to open as admin, in compatibility mode, fixing the correct resolution, reinstalling, re-imaging my HDD, downloaded alleged "fixes" posted in other threads, even taking it upon myself to write a small batch file just to open iCue with all the right settings, yet, that does not fix the issue. And if I force close iCue, I lose total access to illuminate the keyboard, which just goes dark (which I resent).


Please forgive me if I am the horse's *** here, and the reason this issue has persisted exclusively in Corsair's iCue software for years (& years, etc.) is something other than a grotesque mixture of incompetence, ineptitude, and indifference on part of the dev's. Because I do not have this issue with any other software, ever. Never have.


Fwiw, I have experienced the software working, before it became like this... I haven't had it in a broken state for years on end (I would have dumped Corsair at this point), but it has been broken now for as far as I remember and there sure as hell is a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG history of users complaining of this exact. same. issue. I don't get it. Does Corsair just not give a **** about their backend and spend all their money on hardware development and marketing?

*(a la ratm and philly fop)

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Something actually "nice and friendly" ......


I have been using iCue for a number of years now and I agree that it is not perfect.

As a software developer it is my considered opinion that there is no such thing as perfect software.


I personally use multiple monitors at different resolutions and I have no problems with iCue. iCue does what it says on the tin.


Could it be better? Yes it could.

Is it the steaming pile of dog ... you made it out to be? It may be in your world, but in my world it works just fine. Horses for courses.


For me, it does what I need it to do and it enhances my computing experience.

I think the latest v4 is better than v3. It is a bit of a learning curve to find where things are now, but they are there, it seems better put together, it does its job.


Maybe an actually helpfully worded and constructively expressed support ticket to Corsair themselves about a particular "bug" might give them the opportunity to help you get the most of your investment.

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Maybe an actually helpfully worded and constructively expressed support ticket to Corsair themselves about a particular "bug" might give them the opportunity to help you get the most of your investment.


Already been done countless times. When faced with an iCUE software bug, with a piece of hardware as example, the only answer is proposing a RMA of said hardware.


iCUE works well if you don't care about it slamming your CPU or crashing at random. the only response i saw was that it's fine for it to eat up like 5% CPU resources because even watching youtube takes more than that.. or something of that flavour.

They have no plans in making it better, iCUE4 is a good example of that.


As for screen scaling, they basically flipped the fingers to high resolution screen users, only giving lowering scaling % as a solution.


When you pay a premium for DIY hardware you dont expect software that just barely "does its job".. if you're amongst the lucky ones who don't experience crashes, lockups or have had the update pushed to you despite having hardware in the unsupported list.


I guess that's why the "nice and friendly" tone :)

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Already been done countless times......


OK, Cool, all good.


As I said - "Horses for courses".


I'm just offering a comment on my own personal experience in my little bubble.

I have no wish to belittle or diminish anyone else's experiences which are clearly quite different to mine - each to their own.


Hopefully a public rant will get the desired outcome since formal support appears to have been unsuccessful thus far.

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yea, not to forget, most of the bugs find their origin between the keyboard and chair ^^' not to pick on th OP of course :)

some programs don't play well together etc etc.. but there's been countless rants, reports, polite or violent actually, and not much changed, besides a really good effort before iCUE3 was made EOL. CPU usage was reduced to some extent, but nowhere near where it should be. There was light at the end of the tunnel... then the bulb blew up and iCUE4 came out in a Cyberpunk state, barely in internal testing state, released to the public ^^' that triggered another wave of spicy complaints, people dumping Corsair altogether, purely because of iCUE.


It works for lots of people. Friends of mine use it, but close it everytime they play, which is what i used to do, because it makes games stutter (they play e-sports which is even more critical than a solo game where you can still salvage lockups).

I guess the silence surrounding iCUE development is what makes people give up.

It feels like they don't care about performance and stability.

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PEBKAC. (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair) :-)

or PICNIC. (Problem In Chair Not In Computer)


Yeah, that's a disappointing scenario.


I have been console gaming for the last few years so my iCue usage has been limited to a PC used for day-to-day work and now for peripherals on a work laptop, so a slightly different scenario to yours and the OP's.


I do have a new gaming build underway with Corsair cooling, RAM etc so will be very interesting to see how I go there. It sounds like that may put me in the same scenario - which would be sad.

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