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Help ! No fan color / speed control

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Since installing iCue 4, I have no control over my fan speeds or colours, I'm left in a default mess of rainbow sick...


I can control my Vengeance RGB Pro RAM.


The commander core is detected and all 6 fans are showing up and so is my H100i Elite Capellix, but when I change fan speeds or colours nothing changes at all.


Real newbie here, everything was working before. I've tried unstalling iCue4 and reverting back to a previous version but that no longer works either.


All firmware updates have been applied, everything is up to date and detected, I can see everything on the dashboard, fan speeds etc, I just have no control over any of it....


Any help would be appreciated.



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The dashboard does not provide any control mechanisms. It's informational only. To set the fan speeds and RGB lighting, you need to go to the device in control. In this case, that is the Commander Core for both.


Since you are using the Commander Core with the AIO, it will appear as the pump block in the CUE gallery. Click on it and it will expand to show several tabs on the left. Select the "Lighting Channel" for RGB and then the + to add an effect. The fan speeds should be under "Cooling". Hardware Lighting is as before and will allow you designate one preset as the scheme for when CUE is not running.

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