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CMPSU-750HX - Sockets, Cable Compatability

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I recently purchased a used CMPSU-750HX. The sockets are unlabeled, so I wanted to make sure what they are. In particular, I was wondering about the 6 6-pin sockets. Could a SATA power cable be used in any one of them? Or, some are 6-pin PCI-E sockets?


Also, what kinds of SATA cables are compatible with the CMPSU-750HX? I didn't see it listed on the cable compatibility page. I bought some that were described as Type 4 compatible. Would those work?






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That PSU hasn't been made in many, many years. No modern cables are compatible with it.


If the end of the cable that came with the used PSU is a 6-pin and it fits in the 6-pin socket, it'll work with it. Same for the 8-pin cables and sockets. Not that they would even fit, but don't try and put a 6-pin cable into an 8-pin socket.


That's assuming the cables that came with the used PSU are the same ones that came with the PSU in the original purchase.

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