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Connecting 9x QL120 Fans with H100i AIO

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Hi everyone,


First time build and first time using Corsair products together.

I currently have 7x QL120 fans that will be going into a O11D Mini case.

I also have a 240mm H100i AIO that I have fitted another 2 QL120 fans to instead of the standard ones that come with it.


I have purchased a Commander Pro unit, then a couple of the LED Fan HUBs. I have also bought a few Fan Y-Splitter Cables for connecting these together.


My issue is that I have completely no clue how these should be connected together in order to make the best use out of the RGB, and if anyone could recommend or explain how best to connect these it would be really appreciated. I have seen a few other posts about this and a few diagrams, but just wanted to see if anyone had any better information on how to make sure they are connected in the right order.

Also, I wasn't sure how many headers that I would need so as to get the power to all of these, and if I need to buy any additional splitters for 9 fans?


Thanks in advance to anyone who has been able to help with this. :biggrin:

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Have a look at this: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880 That is a pretty well developed thread with pictures to put the names into some context.



You have 9 fans and RGB controllers max out at 6. You will need to split them 6+3 or 5+4 on two controllers. This will matter as each controller or channel acts like it's own lighting group. You'll want to chose based on how you intend to light the case or viewing angle.


9 PWM fans is probably OK for the Commander Pro. I would avoid any triple splitters. These tend to cause control issues regardless, but it is also getting close to the per header current max. Also, depending on how you want to group the fan speeds, you might be better off with a PWM repeater rather than 3-4 splitters. About the same in cost, except the PWM hub offloads the fan current from the Commander Pro. Useful for cases where you have large banks of fans. That may not be true on the mini, but it can be done either way.

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