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iCUE 4 and K100 - "retain original key output"

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I have a question about the "retain original key output". If I make a macro that says "Hello" what does the retain org. do? Still let F9 work without pressing the FN key?


When I test it I have the micro to F9 and I want to have F9 and to use the micro press FN key and F9 to get the text. As it is now when I hit F9 I get text w/o pressing FN key.

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CUE does not allow you to map macros to combination keys (Shift + X, FN+F9, etc.). So when you assigned the test macro "hello", it was likely assigned to F9 only. Retain original key output will make the key perform its function and trigger the macro, instead of the macro replacing the function. So if you make a new action/assignment and use the Text feature for the macro, every time you type "X" you will get "Hello" and no X. Retain original key output would give you XHello. This feature is more useful for things like Shift or number lock, but that is probably going to be a unique decision on your end for your true purpose. Edited by c-attack
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