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Keyboard lights up when press key and powered off

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Hi All

Just a quick one.

I have a K100 keyboard with a Asus Crosshair VIII dark hero motherboard .


Now ...how do i stop the keyboard lighting up when i accidentally press a key when pc is powered down ? at moment i have to unplug the usb cables to stop them.

My old pc setup use to do it with a Razer keyboard on an Asus Z170...but they stopped doing this issue one day out the blue and have no idea why ..but was great lol


Any help most appreciated


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Hi Karlos,


Do you mean the keyboard waking your system from a sleep or standby state? If so, this will be a BIOS setting you need to change, and ASUS support would be best in locating that specific feature for USB power/wake.

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Your motherboard supplies power to those ports even when the system is "powered down". Most BIOS have a setting to disable this, but it may have other consequences in your use of other products. Once you have 'awoken' the keyboard, then you either need to disconnect to cut it off from power or flip your PSU switch to cut it off from there.


For Asus, it's Advanced BIOS -> Advanced tab -> Onboard Devices -> Power in soft off states (S5) -> Disable.

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i accidentally pressed a key last night and all lit up so had to disconnect both usb cables and reconnect them ...but once you have done that you can press any button on keyboard and doesnt light up .

Love to know why this problem on old razer keyboard cured itself just before upgraded pc ( motherboard and cpu ), i could press any buttons and wouldnt light up , and there was still power on usb ports ...

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