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(Help) iCUE Corsair 5000X RGB + MSI Z590 Gaming Carbon WiFi

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Hey all,


so, as of today I'm building my new PC and I ordered the parts:

Going with the 5000X RGB + MSI Z590 Carbon MoBo


The Question is, is it possible to run the maximum of 10 120mm fans for this case rogether with this MoBo?


I read that the 5000X uses the SP120 RGB Elite.

3 fans come preinstalles, so I ordered 2x Triple Pack + 1 single SP120 RGB Elite.


As I understand, the 5000X comes with a 6 fan PWM Repeater and a Lighting Node Core.

The Triple Packs apparently also come with a Lighting Node Core.

I could order another PWM Repeater or other solutions if needed.

Is this enough to connect all 10 to the Motherboard though?

The MSI Z590 Carbon has 4 RGB Headers:


1x JRGB: seems to be a 4-Pin Connector, intended for Lighting Strips? There is an image showing that:

Pin 1 is +12V and Pins 2-4 are G/R/B

2x JRAINBOW: adressable RGB Header, image shows:

Pin 1 is +5V, Pin 2 is Data, No Pin on 3, Pin 4 is Ground (Im planning on using 1 of it for the Lian Li Strimer+ 24 Pin)

1x JCORSAIR: special 3 Pin Corsair RGB Header for RGB Fan hub

Image shows Pin 1 is +5V, Pin 2 is Dats and Pin 3 is Ground.


Besides the CPU fan header, the Motherboard has 6 DC fan_sys headers (max 1A/12W) and 1 PWM Header Pump_Fan 1.

I am only using the CPU fan header for the cooler.


Now.. this is my first RGB build and I really tried to understand it all... but I just can't figure out if I can connect all 10 RGB fans to this motherboard.


They dont have to be adressable, it should only work somehow, that would be nice! Optimally I would control 6 fans with 1 PWM Header and the other 4 with another PWM Header. I Wouldn't mind plugging all 10 in 1 Header IF POSSIBLE or having 10 DC fans if that is the only solution!


Thanks for everything you could provide, Im just trying to figure it all out but my brain keeps exploding with all these products and descriptions... like, can I chain hubs? Should I use commander pro, lighting node or core?? Hope there is a way!



EDIT: Thanks to Perry on the discord I figured it out.

I will go with a Commander Pro + 2x RGB led hub and 2x pwm hub

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got help in discord, thank you Perry!
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