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Push Pull Radiator Fan Configuration


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Hello all,


I recently installed a Corsair Hydro Series, H60 2018 (CW-9060036-WW), 120mm Radiator, Single 120mm PWM Fan to cool my CPU. Corsair recommended to install the single fan as an air intake, which I did.


I have enough room in my case to install another fan on the back side of the radiator and make the radiator fan set up a push/pull configuration.


Will there be enough noticeable cooling improvement to make this worth doing? If so, what is the better set up - push/pull intake into the case or push/pull exhaust out of the case? Any advise greatly appreciated.

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You might get some benefit out of it under certain conditions. 1) You prefer low fan speeds and keep them held under 1000 rpm almost all the time. The second fan's additive pressure help move more air at lower speeds. 2) You are running a relatively high watt CPU. 3770 may not qualify, but if you are running encoding or renders all day then it may still be worthwhile.


If you have a second fan handy, then there is no reason not to test it out for yourself.

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