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Is there a way to use iCue to toggle lights via keypress?


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I just got a new K100 and I'd love to utilize some of the features found in the older "Aurora" software (which doesn't support the K100 specifically at this time). In this software, if you hold down the control key, different keys will highlight in a different color. I would love to have this functionality... is iCue capable of doing this? In Aurora there was a "conditional" option for colors and it let you pick a key for a trigger and then keys that would be triggered.



Hold down ALT and the Tab, F4, and Enter keys would highlight a different color.

Hold down CTRL and popular combos like C and V would highlight, etc...


Can iCue do this somehow? I'd love to stick with just one program instead of using an older software like Aurora (that the developer himself said he has no interest in continuing to work on)... It seems iCue is quite capable, but I do not see a conditional format option for colors...

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There is, but not in the direct fashion you might expect. CUE can handle an enormous number of profiles and it is shifting between profiles that will accomplish this.


1) Go to Profile X and select copy from the drop down menu. This will create a new profile called "copy of profile X". This can be renamed.


2) Go to "Copy of..." and change the lighting on the keys you want.


3) Now in either profile, go to Actions (CUE 3) or Key Assignments (CUE 4). Create a new Action/Assignment and select the "profile switch" option.


4) The exact steps now diverge between CUE 3 and 4, but on the right side you will now add the other profile.


5) Make sure you pick a key to trigger the shift, then select "Copy to" to duplicate the command in the other profile. Now these switch back and forth on key press. This also can be done as a "hold shift" by using the "while pressed" option. You will not be able to link this to key combos and CUE does not support that.

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I followed your instructions and they were quite helpful. However, all I want to do is overlay the current profile with a few red letters. So for example if I'm in one of my gaming profiles, my keyboard might be a dull blue or a dull purple with various keys highlighted based on the gameplay of that game. When I hold CTRL I want to highlight just a few letters red, but keep the same profile. Would I have to make copies of each profile and depending on the profile of game I am in have that profile's control key map to the copy of that profile with the red letters? That's literally double the profiles for everything going forward just to high light some letters red. If I don't copy the profile then it's just a black no light keyboard with red letters... it doesn't flow well.


Also, if I set the ctrl key to the profile switcher and then try to adjust settings in icue - when I hit ctrl+c or ctrl+v it won't copy and paste because it switches to the other profile and cancels the color selection screen because the control key switches the profile before I can copy or paste the data I want making working inside icue difficult. Minor issue - I know I could use the right ctrl key for example, but still something to point out as not optimally setup.


The whole idea here was to setup three extra profiles (control, windows, and ALT keys) for every profile I make to highlight the basic shortcuts used when holding down these three keys. In this case I'd end up making FOUR profiles for every profile to copy the settings and IF I ever want to make a change to the original profile, I'd have to find and make the same change on all four copies... that seems very tedious. Doable, but not optimal.


With the Aurora program, it can just toggle an overlay later that supersedes the other key settings temporarily with the conditional statement of the keypress. While CTRL is pressed, turn X,C,V,TAB,Enter red. When CTRL is no longer pressed, return to profile colors. Easy stuff... and fully applicable to all profiles in a single shot..

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Yes, that’s correct. To do it exactly as you’ve described you would need a shadow-shift copy for every profile that you wish to do this. High frequency keys may not make good triggers, but there is an option to “retain original output” in the Advanced tab of the profile switch action.


The only other way to approach it would to use a n additional lighting layer on top off the current lighting effects. It could be set to trigger on press (or hold), but it then must have some duration. This works well for single keys or for the entire board, but not necessarily for select groups of keys. This would be done in the lighting effects tab for the K100 for each profile. I’ll have to take another look at this too see if CUE 4 has provided another path.

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I don't see a way to trigger an additional lighting layer off of a key press - but that's literally what I'm after. icue (4 in my case) doesn't have a key assignment to trigger a lighting effect that I can find. It lets you switch profiles, but that's not what I'm after here.
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K100, add lighting effect. Go down to Custom and pick "solid". Now it will give you are color bar and a start/stop option. Start: On key Pressed. Stop: On key release. Apply it to ALL keys you want to turn this color.


The problem with this is: 1) still can't make it multi-key combo to trigger; 2) It's not the just the shift key that will light up. For example, if I want W-A-S-D to turn red when I hold shift and use the above, WASD will also turn red when I press those keys without shift. I do have a workaround for that. You create a top lighting layer for the letters keys that matches the base layer.


Top cover layer - WASD blue solid on key press - just like below.

Action Layer - Shift and WASD turn red (solid on key press)

Bottom Layer - All Keys blue


The effect of this is the shift key turns red and highlights WASD in red. WASD will no longer turn red when pressed individually. However, they also will turn blue pressed while when shift is held. Shift alone will remain red.


If you only want shift to turn color, you can limit the solid to "play on pressed key". That makes each key a single red zone. That may or may not be helpful for your goal.


None of this is exactly the same, but hopefully you can find something that works from between the lines.

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