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H100i Pro pump speed fluctuation

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Hello there,


as the title suggests I have a question regarding the pump speed of my H100i Pro.


While running on the Extreme profile in ICue, the pump RPM speed usually sits around 2800+.


However, while monitoring the speed with ICue I did notice that it dropped down to 2700+ for some time, only to go back to the former speed.


This has been happening for some time and I usually didn't care too much about it since I never noticed it while gaming.


Is this normal behavior or should I be worried?


I appreciate any sort of input on this.

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It’s normal. The pump speed is really a revolutions per minute value based on the number of turns in the previous 2 seconds. On the Pro models the raw value is rounded prior to the multiplication (x30) to turn it into “per minute”. This makes the reported value change in very clear +-30 rpm increments. Anything like 2760-2790-2820-2850 is the slightest of changes in 2 seconds, then multiplied out. The compressed Y-axis range value literally turns molehills into mountains to add to the visual effect.


A genuine pump issue, either mechanical or electrical, is going to have large dips as power is cut or parts grind. It would look more like 2820-2820-1760-2460-2850…..1850…

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