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Good Morning


I am new to these forums, I have recently bought the Commander Pro and a CX-650 F power supply I would like to know how to connect the power supply RGB to the Commander Pro RGB header the only cables I seem to have are the ones that came with the power supply is a 4 pin RGB cable and the Commander Pro is a 3 pin RGB am I missing a cable?





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It's a fan RGB connector. Corsair uses 4 pin for t he fans because they are saisy-chainable (5V, ground, data in AND data out).


So you will need a RGB fan led hub like one of these : https://www.corsair.com/fr/fr/Cat%C3%A9gories/Produits/Custom-Cooling/Accessoires/CORSAIR-RGB-Fan-LED-Hub/p/CO-8950020


It connects to the Commander Pro 3 pin RGB connector and has 6 fan outputs, 4 pin.

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the fan hub comes with 3 pin connector on the side, for data in.

the Commander pro also is 3 pin on both RGB outputs, so the fan hub connects there.. 3 pin to 3 pin. The hub also has a SATA connexion to power the fan LEDs.


On the hub itself there's 6 fan connexions, 4 pins, as you saw.


The connexion would look like this :

Commander pro > 3 pin RGB cable > Fan led hub (port 1) > 4 pin CX650F fan




Schematic i shamelessly hacked from Zotty's excellent guide to Corsair RGB.

It's dense, there's everything, but it can help :)


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